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Accessibility features

Created 11 months ago  Updated 11 months ago

These features can be accessed and adjusted through Settings in the Main Menu.


Colorblind mode

Available as UI color presets for protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia.
[Interface -> Colorblind Modes]


Subtitle text can be adjusted to six different sizes.
[Sound -> Subtitles -> Text Size]

Dialogue subtitles will show the name of the speaker.


Camera motions and FOV

Camera motions and field of view can be adjusted to help prevent motion sickness.
[Gameplay -> Accessibility -> Additive Camera Motions]
[Graphics -> Basic -> Field of View]

FOV is available for Steam/GOG/Epic versions only.

Visual effects

Full control is available over visual effects such as motion blur, film grain, chromatic aberration and depth of field.
[Graphics -> Basic]


Hybrid mode

Controllers are fully supported with hybrid mode. The UI adapts automatically to whichever controller is being used.

Controller feedback and sensitivity

Vibration feedback is supported, and can be fully adjusted, along with all controller sensitivity levels.

Aim assist

Aim assist is available in three settings, along with aim snap, and can be adjusted separately for both ranged and melee combat.
[Gameplay -> Accessibility -> Aim Assist]

Keyboard and mouse controls

Remapping of controls for keyboard and mouse is almost fully allowed, with the exception of menu shortcuts.
[Key Bindings]