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Error encountered while installing the game from discs

Created 3 years ago  Updated 1 year ago

If you experienced an error related to reading data from the installation disc, we suggest using the most convenient form of game installation via GOG Galaxy platform:
You can redeem your game code (on the back of game manual) there:

If you are unable to install the game on GOG Galaxy platform due to slow internet, we suggest you use the following tips:

  • Make sure the disc is not dirty or damaged, it may prevent data from being read from the disc.
  • Install the game from your hard drive. To do this, copy the contents of the disc to the selected folder on your hard drive, and then run the Setup file directly.
  • Run the installation of the game on a clean boot computer:  Pure boot mode eliminates the impact of anti-virus / security software, which may adversely affect the transfer of data from the disc to the computer hard disk.
  • Update the firmware of the optical drive. You can obtain the appropriate files from the device manufacturer's technical support.

If the above steps do not correctly install the game, please check if the error is repeated on another computer.

NOTE: If the above solutions prove to be ineffective or have already been applied, then in this case we suggest using the possibility of submitting a complaint at the place of purchase of the product.

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