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I didn't get Registration (in-game) rewards

Created 1 year ago  Updated 1 year ago

The in-game rewards can be found in the item stash located in V’s apartment. If you didn’t get them:

  1. Make sure to run the game using the REDlauncher  (it opens after clicking  "Play"). (If you are playing on GOG GALAXY platform GOG GALAXY 2.0 is the launcher and you’re good to go).
  2. Log in to the REDlauncher with your GOG.COM account. If you don’t have one, you can create an account for free.
  3. Make sure that you are online and relaunch the game.

If none of the above helps please send us a report with the following information:

  1. Reward(s) name
  2. Received reward (if any)
  3. Screenshot/photo from "My Rewards" from the main menu.

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