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How can I hack and what is hacking for?

Created 2 years ago  Updated 2 years ago

Hacking is a useful gameplay option that grants you the ability to reach and collect valuable information from afar, to infect networks and manipulate whole groups of objects and enemies.

In order to access quickhacks you must have a cyberdeck with quickhacks installed on it. With a cyberdeck installed, activate the scanner (press TAB key / Left Bumper / L1) and aim at the object you want to hack.

There are two tabs in the scanner's menu: Data and Hacking. In order to navigate between tabs press Z key (Right Bumper / R1). Data tab represents the most valuable information about the target, whilst Hacking tab describes the chosen quickhack (if any available).

Scanner highlights
Check the list below to find out what each of the scanner highlights means:

Gold - job-related items
Red - danger
Green - devices that can be hacked
Blue - interactive objects

Once you activate a quickhack (F key on keyboard, X button on Xbox or □ on PS controllers), you will see an icon displayed above the target. It indicates how long it takes for the quickhack to be activated and then how long it will remain active. While you are in a Scanner menu, the time is slower, make sure to exit the Scanner for a quickhack to be executed quickly.

RAM and Breaching Protocol
Each quickhack requires available RAM units to be used (Cyberdeck RAM is located on top of the scanner menu).
You can reduce the RAM cost of all quickhacks using "Breach Protocol" which triggers network-wide effects. This is done by recreating a code sequence and selecting characters from the Code Matrix.
Used RAM recovers outside of combat.

Attributes and Perks
Assigning attribute and perk points into Intelligence ability directly affects your proficiency in using Breach Protocol and quickhacks as well as your cyberdeck's RAM capacity.

Note: it is possible to open Hacking tips pressing H key (Left Stick / L3) in each Quickhack menu.